Centers of Excellence!

Centers of Excellence!

December 2018 Centers of Excellence! Posting discussing the virtue of leveraging Centers of Excellence to foster Cloud adoption and success.

I had the chance this summer to visit Antoni Gaudi’s Sagria Familia in Barcelona. The hundred+ year construction of the basilica is nearing completion.  

While modern technology has recently provided velocity to the construction, the same guiding architecture and engineering principals established by Gaudi over 100 years ago are still being leveraged. 

Gaudí was not a fan of grandiose plans, he continually built to scale three dimensional models. By leveraging this approach Gaudí was able to “fail fast” and perfect his designs. This approach is akin to DevOps and the use of continuous integration and delivery to deploy solution capabilities. 

Gaudí embraced new methods to reduce the cost of construction. For example, he leveraged ceramic bricks in geometric patterns to efficiently construct strong structures. Today we leverage Cloud Services to yield strong yet cost efficient solutions. 

Most importantly Gaudí leveraged a workshop where he innovated and validated his designs. Gaudi’s workshop represents what we now refer to as a Center of Excellence. 

Centers of Excellence are often confused with Innovation Laboratories. Centers of Excellence align people and process with new technologies. Innovation Laboratories tend to be focused only on technology. Aligning people and process is critical for organization’s embracing the Cloud. Keep in mind that Gaudi’s workshop yielded magnificent architecture and engineering carried forth by people long past his death. 

David Gullinger

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