March 2020

Applied Cloud Systems response to COVID-19

In the wake of the Global Pandemic that we have come to know as COVID-19, we wanted to share what ACS is doing to assist in these unprecedented times. The impact is still unclear, but we do know that this will alter our daily lives as we know it.

The Applied Cloud System’s team have been working around the clock to support our customers with Windows Virtual Desktop and Teams deployment for those with the option to work from home. Because this may be a new, unfamiliar technology for some, we have opened up our support line for questions concerning Microsoft Teams.

Our staff has been crucial in the implementation of Windows Virtual Desktop at several universities so students can continue to learn and professors can continue to teach.

It is with great honor that we have been working closely with state and local agencies to leverage Microsoft Healthcare Bot to enable conversational AI as a part of their COVID-19 response plans.

We are proud of how our incredible team has banded together to make a better tomorrow.