An Applied Cloud solution created to deploy and manage client licenses on
Windows Virtual Desktop and Azure

Cloud Control for
Windows Virtual Desktop

Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop is an Applied Cloud preferred virtual solution. However, the need for code to spin up and manage licenses creates a barrier for adoption and limits ROI. We built a solution based on our own need to deploy and manage client licenses on WVD and Azure. In doing so, we created a better Windows Virtual Desktop experience.

Cloud Control management platform provides the optimal WVD implementation and experience. It saves time by reducing the amount of administrative workload and expertise required to manage your environment, and saves money by optimizing legacy on-premises investment, reduce network costs, and maximize ROI by only paying for what you need.

Client Ownership

The entire solution is deployed in a client’s subscription. Data and configuration remain in their control.

Image Management

Easily and seamlessly transition to new images and push updates.

High Throughput

Easily deploy hundreds of nodes within a pool guaranteed results.


Output logged for troubleshooting and optimization.


Includes metric and session-based scaling support for GPU-based workloads.


An adaptable environment based on current needs for systems, software, users, etc.

Vision Control

Revert to past instances and images as needed.


Manage different configurations for each host pool to optimize for different usage scenarios.

Get in touch with your Microsoft representative or the team at Applied Cloud to learn about our free trial along with Microsoft funding options to help accelerate your Windows Virtual Desktop Program.