Applied Cloud Systems has created a simple outline to get your organization prepared for your Azure migration. By following the timeline outlined below, your company’s specific needs are addressed and a thoughtful migration approach is presented.

  • Data Collection
  • Data Analysis
  • Design Consultation to understand Goals and Objectives
  • Finalize Architecture Design and Migration Plan with Azure Cost Consumption Estimates
  • Customer Presentation with all Findings

Now that our plan of action has been confirmed and agreed upon, your migration journey begins. ACS follows the steps below for your Azure Migration:

  • Testing and adjustment of your application on Azure Environment
  • Benchmarking of application performance
  • Knowledge Transfer, Training
  • Migrate your data to a ACS third party tool for data migration
  • Final presentation, and you are ready to roll!

Once your data center has been extended to Azure, the ability to move workloads seamlessly from on-premises to the cloud is at your disposal. We have moved and deployed thousands of virtual machines and can help you throughout that entire process. Some customers choose to move specific workloads, while others have decided to transition their entire data center into Azure. With our experience, we can quickly provide fixed-free pricing to help you in that transition. We believe heavily in the “Infrastructure as Code” mindset, and have amassed thousands of lines of code to help accelerate your digital transformation.

Take back control of your company’s infrastructure and gain agility and flexibility provided within Microsoft Azure’s global data centers. Allow our team of experts handle the details, while you prepare to power down those servers sitting in your office, local data centore, or co-location facility.

Applied Cloud was honored to be included in a Microsoft Customer Story along with University of Massachusetts, detailing their journey for remote learning and workforce environment. Check out the feature by clicking on the link below.